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Founded in July 1998, Vinco-T currently employs more than one hundred employees. 

Vinco-T deals with large-scale projects for building new or upgrading existing information and network infrastructure for telecommunications companies, government agencies and corporate customers.

Vinco-T relies on cutting-edge engineering solutions and is involved in ongoing partnerships with telecom equipment manufacturers. The company's mission is to offer its customers additional competitive advantages by deploying the most effective engineering solutions, a state-of-the-art network infrastructure and efficient technical support.

The company's main asset is a team of highly qualified engineers, managers and experts who are certified by the leading manufacturers of computer and telecom equipment. Technical support is provided on a 24-hour basis. In order to tackle complex engineering challenges, Vinco-T has built and uses a unique engineering laboratory designed to model components of customers' networks for detecting failures and malfunctions and testing network development solutions, including equipment compatibility and load capacity tests. A specific feature of the laboratory is a possibility to supports distributed operations where a network component simulated by the laboratory is connected to geographically distributed network elements installed at partner and customer sites.